Heartland Legal Group

Heartland Legal Group

Heartland Legal Group is a Michigan-based law firm that focuses on real estate law, bankruptcy and consumer protection laws, such as FCRA and FDCPA. Although their staff has broad expertise in numerous related fields, these three specialties are their primary areas of practice. They believe that the law should protect and serve people rather than the other way around. They are committed to protecting the rights of their clients.

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Practice Areas: Bankruptcy Law, FCRA, FDCPA, Real Estate Law


Bankruptcy law is a highly specialized legal area and protected legal status. There are several chapters of bankruptcy, each with its own distinct requirements and benefits for debtors. Having an attorney who is well-versed in all areas of bankruptcy law gives consumers and businesses the support they need to move forward after debt.

Real Estate Law

The ownership, use and enjoyment of land and any permanent structures on that land is governed by real estate law. These civil laws directly or indirectly affect most people, including renters, homeowners, sellers, buyers and landlords.

Buying and selling property are large parts of real estate law, but this complex area of law involves many other aspects of property ownership, including:

  • Landlord and tenant law
  • Estate planning
  • Insurance law
  • Property boundaries and disputes
  • Accident and injury liability
  • Tax law


The FCRA and FDCPA are intended to protect consumer rights. The FCRA refers to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The FDCPA refers to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. These laws are often used together to protect debtors. Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of their rights when debt collectors are using unfair or illegal collection practices. Consumers do not have to tolerate creditor harassment and can use these laws to their benefit as they work to rebuild their credit.

Heartland Legal Group helps clients fight back against unfair practices by:

  • Disputing credit report inaccuracies
  • Combatting and ending creditor harassment
  • Protecting against inappropriate credit report use by employers, lenders, insurers and others
  • Initiating litigation to recover actual, statutory and punitive damages for violations of these acts

As one of the nation’s premier law firms, Heartland has decades of experience dealing with bankruptcy, real estate law and the FCRA and FDCPA. They have the skills and resources you can count on whether you’re facing a property dispute or bankruptcy. Contact them at HeartlandLegalGroup.com to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation or to learn more about their firm.