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Williams & Connolly LLP

When it comes to honest law firms specializing in sports law, you can hardly do any better than Williams & Connolly LLP. Why?

Williams & Connolly has over 40 years of experience in representing clients who are dealing with all aspects of sports law. The firm’s founder, Edward Bennett Williams, was himself deeply involved in sports, having run the Washington Redskins in the late 1960s and later becoming the owner of the Baltimore Orioles.

Because of Williams & Connolly’s specialty in the sports arena, they have become an industry leader that all sorts of clients trust. Whether clients are looking for help with negotiating contracts and leases or advice for setting up and operating a business, Williams & Connolly is the firm that many sports clients prefer to hire. This firm has especially been known in recent years for representing clients involved in arbitration disputes and major litigation.

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