Williams & Connolly LLP

Williams & Connolly LLP

When it comes to honest law firms specializing in sports law, you can hardly do any better than Williams & Connolly LLP. Why?

Williams & Connolly has over 40 years of experience in representing clients who are dealing with all aspects of sports law. The firm’s founder, Edward Bennett Williams, was himself deeply involved in sports, having run the Washington Redskins in the late 1960s and later becoming the owner of the Baltimore Orioles.

Because of Williams & Connolly’s specialty in the sports arena, they have become an industry leader that all sorts of clients trust. Whether clients are looking for help with negotiating contracts and leases or advice for setting up and operating a business, Williams & Connolly is the firm that many sports clients prefer to hire. This firm has especially been known in recent years for representing clients involved in arbitration disputes and major litigation.

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Practice Areas: Sports Law

In addition, Williams & Connolly has experience with legal matters involving:

  • Stadium leases
  • Agreements for stadium construction
  • Broadcast agreements for television, radio, and cable
  • Player arbitration
  • Collective bargaining agreements
  • Agreements for sponsorship and advertising

Williams & Connolly can offer such varied and professional services because their partners actively participate in the sports world outside of their work with the firm. For example, consider what Mark Levinstein, a senior partner, has done:

  • Co-authored a leading casebook on sports law
  • Spoken regularly about sports law at symposiums and conferences all over the country
  • Served as an adjunct professor, teaching sports law classes at the George Washington and Georgetown law schools, as well as at the Catholic University

Williams & Connolly can represent you in areas as diverse as labor disputes, lockouts, strikes, contested arbitrations, major litigation that leads to a trial, and negotiation that helps to avoid litigation in the first place.

The firm has experience with virtually all kinds of sports, including:

  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Professional baseball
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Boxing
  • . . . and so forth

They represent clients involved in many types of sports, whether at the amateur, collegiate, or even Olympic level. Truly, Williams & Connolly can be your go-to firm for all things related to sports law.